Chrissie Hall Babies

Hi - I'm Chrissie Hall, professional photographer and Mum. I love taking photos of babies that are fun, colourful and creative. My photos capture your baby's personality in unique settings  - whether you want your baby to be an astronaut, a doctor, a flower or to bring out their inner dragon. We will have fun in a relaxed setting and you will love the results. 

I have been a professional photographer and artist for over 15 years, and my brand is playful, vibrant, artistic and a little bit retro. I started out assisting world-renowned photographers, and have now worked with SBS, Universal Music Group, National Museum Australia, ABC TV and UNSW Sydney. 

In 2017 I had a beautiful baby girl, Alaska, and naturally started creating photos that showcased my unique style. I shared the photos with friends and colleagues and was immediately asked to take photos of their beloved babies in the same fun and creative way. It was at that point that Chrissie Hall Babies was born (pardon the pun!).

I have recently been accepted into the AIPP (Australian Institute for Professional Photography)

If you'd like to see the work I've done for my commercial and wedding clients, please follow the links below:

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